Easy and Lazy……the Words of the Day!!

Just after breakfast, Pat, Gary and myself headed off to the Museu do Trajo de São Brás de Alportel.  A lovely little museum that is really so much more than a museum of clothing, as the name suggests.  They had a little bit of everything to enjoy.

The museum is located in a 19th century palace, the home of a former mule driver turned cork industrialist. One side of the building is an Algarve costume museum spanning the 30 years pre and post World War I, and a section devoted to the local cork industry. It’s a small museum, which is wonderful as you see everything without feeling overwhelmed. The displays are all captioned in Portuguese and English which is a rarity.

Of course when we parked and started walking I turned in the wrong direction and took us several blocks in the opposite direction as the museum.  However, had I not done that we would not have seen the three things I photographed above so…..propitious perhaps??????

The three of us quite enjoyed our time here.  It was large enough to entertain us and small enough to keep it interesting for about and hour and a half without feeling  overwhelmed. There was a lovely tea shop at the end and we sat for a bit to enjoy bica’s and a snack…..the featured photo today is a walnut cake I ordered……It looked wonderful and it was,not at all sweet, very intense flavour of ground roasted walnuts.  Of course we forgot to take a photo of Pat’s and Gary’s treats.

We headed home for lunch.  Marc has stayed at home to work on collage and have a little downtime.  Mid afternoon the four of us headed off for Olhao where amongst other things, I got a new haircut……



  1. Well I would be tempted to dress that sculpture, not for the sake of modesty but because a pretty dress with crinoline would be great on that sculpture! Great haircut Randy, you are so handsome!


  2. Love the haircut and shocked to see you let someone in Portugal cut your hair. Wisteria and blue poppies are gorgeous!


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