Francophones and Newfies!!

Here we are, the entire motley crew at this point.  Missing are Benoit and Diane, we met them at Ana’s for lunch.  It seems that Canada is taking over Estoi!!!

I started my morning with a visit to Berlengas with Bonnie, a walk in the orchard to collect some oranges, lemons and grapefruit then we enjoyed a lovely stroll and gab up and down several of the winding farm roads nearby.  There is always something wonderful to see and admire and of course as I like to say, I think our lips got as much of a workout as our legs as it was non-stop chatting.

I wasn’t home very long when Carole et al arrived, I actually saw them as I drove into Estoi, and we all headed off to Ana’s for a marvelous lunch of bacalhau a bras. What a great introduction to Portuguese food for the new arrivals.   I think we may have drank a tiny bit of vino and gotten a tiny bit loud…..forgive us Ana!!!

By the time we got home I think we were all predisposed to a siesta but, Pat and I headed out for lovely hike up into the mountains to try and burn off lunch, well at least some of it, and get the blood flowing……….I was so incredibly happy we did this as it really wakened us up.

A wonderful day turned even more wonderful when Diane showed up and invited us all for dinner with her and Benoit!!!  A great meal, fabulous company and Benoit even sang for us!!!!!  What a great close to a great day.

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