You Can’t Win ’em All!!!

Monday morning and the usual question……”what are we going to do today”??????  We had decided that we had wanted to go and see the São Lourenço Church, touted as the “most beautiful church in the Algarve” and the weather was perfect for that so… we headed.

Arrived in town, parked the car and wandered over to the church only to find it is closed Monday mornings until 15h00!!!  Bummer but hey, not the end of the world.  An opportunity to wander around the area and plan a return trip.  We did see, and visit, a wonderful small art gallery with an exceptionally interested inventory.  Marc enjoyed a grand chat with the owner and pimped himself out a bit……..he plan is to send the man his link…….who knows huh?

A perfect day for that kind of wandering.  Sadly all the coffee shops were also closed and given our proximity to Loulé, Gary suggested we head to Restaurant Bocage, a favourite haunt from other trips and that’s exactly what we did.  And yes, Gwen S……they still have the BFFF in the Algarve!!!!!

Loule is so different through the week without the throngs of tourists that show up for the Saturday market.  It’s quiet, tranquil and very inviting.  We enjoyed our wanderings and being there in the sunshine.  A drive home, stop to pick up some bread at a favourite bakery and a relaxing afternoon.

Pat and Gary enjoyed a lengthy walk around Estoi.  Marc and I had an errand to run in Olhao. Life continues to move along and we are still in that mode of wanting to pinch ourselves to prove we are actually here.  Life is grand!


  1. What an interesting church and cemetery! I too love roaming through cemeteries to see the various monuments and they are so different in Europe. The pink tree is truly beautiful. From my window, I am looking at white snow as we had a snow & freezing storm here last night – so all is beautifully white here in Halifax..ha!


    1. Hey Joannie……..I can’t believe you are still having snow and cold temperatures. I wish I could send envelopes of sunshine and warmer temperatures to all my friends in Canada!!!! Love your comments, thanks.


  2. Oh I love the deep pink blossoming tree, gorgeous splash of colour.

    I also love the balcony and the design underneath it. I can picture myself up there enjoying a coffee and people watching. {Perhaps a few call outs to the lovely people wandering by.}

    The church from the cemetery point of view is beautiful!!!! I hope you get to see the inside at some point of your trip.

    The cremation crypts are quite interesting indeed. I like the idea, just not for me. LOL

    Those French Fries did look like the best FFF anywhere!!!!!!!!! hehehehee



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