Food…what would we do without it!!!!

I’ve enjoyed two carless days…….yes “car-less” not careless!!!!!  Although not having to drive anywhere has perhaps allowed me to be a little more careless with some thing!!!! I thoroughly enjoy driving but sometimes I simply need to feel the earth under my feet for a bit and with that in mind, lots of enjoyable walks this past 48 hours……thank you Patricia for being my walking companion.

Once home the topic of discussion was what to do for the balance of the day.  Pat and Gary headed off to Castro Marim to explore,  enjoy a lazy lunch and appreciate a few new country roads.   Marc and I headed to lunch at Ana’s with Bonnie, Benoit and Diane……..the prato do dia was a veal stew……and given I don’t eat red meat…..I opted for a wonderful tuna salad.  A perfect day to sit in the sunshine on a patio and let the clouds float by.

A very lazy afternoon reading and relaxing in the sunshine, listening to music, and I think there may even have been a tiny siesta!!!   I’m just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marc and I conjured up a dinner of boulettes de porc (meatballs) with a thick and tasty tomato sauce served over rigatoni….and green beans.  We’re waiting for the Trip Advisor review!!

IMG_3973 Today was hot, very hot, and breezy…….perfect for anything you might want to consider outside.   Carole joined us for breakfast and Marc served up a huge platter of french toast, hot pears, fresh strawberries and maple syrup.  Burp!!!

Again, a lovely walk

IMG_3704 Yes,that was the only photo I took on the walk.  Pat and I had headed down a lovely country path but a gypsy woman wagged her finger at us and basically told us to turn around and go back!!!  I’ve been down that path before, and never an issue but I’m thinking they have set up camp and didn’t want us to go near it so…….we obliged…….there are lots of paths around.

Lunch today consisted of three tables of six on Ana’s and Simon’s patio.  Most of Carole and group joined us plus Benoit and Diane had Diane’s cousin, spouse and friends arrive this morning from the cold of Quebec.   The Canadians are taking over Estoi!!!!!!

I didn’t want to interrupt Diane et al so sadly, no photo of them but there is always tomorrow.  Diane did however have a surprise for her today…..a sort of goodbye present as they return to Canada on Friday……….. a very VERY dapper Gus and Susie

IMG_3709 And finally……..just to prove that Patricia did enjoy her feast of the day……

And so, tonight, as we sat around finishing dinner……Gary acknowledged that they have only 16 more days left before they head off for England and there is a list of about 14 restaurants we want to try before they leave…………….and there you have it…….the life of the retirees!!!!


  1. A wonderful couple of days, glorious weather! Love all the pics of everyone, the one of the poppy and also Pat, with her million dollar smile, stole my heart! Lunches looked so delicious!


  2. Wonderful photos, I love the daisy and poppies shoot! You know veal could be considered a white meat, especially if the calf was milk-fed. Just saying….. that stew looked very tempting.


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