The Walk to the Spring and other Musings.

Gary gets an A+ for the suggestion of the day…….”let’s go to Mesquite and hike the 9 km trail”!!!!!

This lovely trail is a combination of rural roads, mountain paths and the occasional asphalt road.  It’s circular, which I love as we don’t have to backtrack at all.  Quite a wonderful diversity of habitats and landscape.

The trail winds along may walled paths and is frequently flanked by walled farmland.  Very beautiful and of course our eyes were open for any new flora!

The landscape was quite versatile…..carob, olive, fig, orange, lemon trees, just to name a few.  Sage, thyme, cork, peonies, orchids, again, just to name a few.

What a marvelous day it turned out to be for all of us.  Lots of laughter, fun conversation, exploring together and of course, building up an appetite.   You have to know by now it all comes down to food and our bellies!!!!

Such a grand adventure we had and hopefully you enjoying seeing the photos as much as we did taking them.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on another of your hikes. The wildflowers are wonderful and I especially enjoy the various pics of architecture. Through your time in Portugal I have been able to experience the beauty of the flora and fauna, the local people and the architecture, not to mention the various delicacies.


  2. I LOVE this post. That was my kind of day. The hike looked wonderful and the flowers amazing. I think my fave was the wall with cascading Fresca.


  3. Holy crap, going through the blog, enjoying all the pictures then “wham” I come upon the frog….ugh…it really caught me off guard! As much as I loved your hike I know I really would not like to meet up with any of those green fellas😝!!


  4. Kudos to all for your ‘blooming’ adventure, wonderful photos, truly a testament to nature’s colour palette! Great shots of the happy foursome as well!


  5. Ahhhhhh, all the lovely colours and just the sight of that amazing nature. I love it.
    My house would be like the one with the cascading freesia all over the place!!!!!! That and some Jasmine, flowering shrubs and trees. *sigh* Love it.

    You guys all look great and of course that chicken looked very yummy.



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