Moving Day

« L’arrivé au Berlengas »

Ici c’est une autre histoire. Parce que ici on est à la campagne, loin de la ville et des bruits de la ville qu’est Estoi. C’est plus passible malgré le chien qui n’arrête d’aboyer au loin et que je voudrais égorger. Il est infatigable celui-là. Il faut savoir que je suis très sensible a tout ce qui s’appelle sons. Par exemple la cacophonie m’est absolument insupportable, les sirènes de ville me percent les oreilles etc.

Ce matin Carole et André sont venus nous porter mains fortes pour le déménagement. Sans eux nous aurions dû faire au moins trois voyages. Merci les amis !!

Puis nous avons salué Konrad la propriétaire de la Quinta qui avait presque la larme à l’œil. Nous reverrons Konrad et son partenaire de vie avant de quitter le Portugal, c’est certain. Nous lui avons bien dit.

À une fois les choses rangers nous nous sommes dirigés vers Fuzeta pour le diner. La marche de quelques quatre kilomètres nous a ouvert l’appétit a tout. Poissons pour certains, porc pour d’autre et poulet pour moi.

Revenus à la ferme tous et chacun s’est retrouver autour de la mini piscine à relaxer

La vie est belle pour nous. On ne pourrait demander mieux…. Juste une petite chose …que le petit chien ferme sa gueule svp


Another day of mixed feelings as we leave behind our wonderful quinta, and Konrad, in Estoi and move to our home away from home for the last five winters at Berlengas, the name of the property near Fuzeta.   We have such wonderful memories here and will now have the opportunity to make a few more this year.

Carole and André were kind enough to come over this morning and give us a hand to help make the move a simple one, only one trip.  Marc made a wonderful breakfast of crepes while I packed our car, we enjoyed a great meal together,loaded the dishwasher and off we went.

Once everything was unpacked and put away, laundry hung out to dry, we headed off for our first walk across the salt flats to enjoy a lunch in Fuzeta.  Many wonderful sights, smells and sounds.  Numerous seabirds, including flamings, skirting the salt flats and letting us know with their squawking and movement that our presence was an inconvenience.    A perfect breeze accompanied the hot sunny day, perfect for this lengthy walk, about 5 kms.

We settled on Carpi’s for lunch………a bit disappointed in the end result but…..probably because we had our hearts set on another place that was full and couldn’t seat us.  We were a tiny bit beyond the normal lunch time and also, we are noticing a few more tourists around taking up space!!


Pat and I both had a mixed fish platter while Gary enjoyed a mixed meat platter and Marc a chicken and spaghetti dish.  I was so hungry I simply forgot to take photos!!!

Following lunch Gary and I walked back to the house and retrieved the car then returned to pick up Pat and Marc, who had stayed to do a little grocery shop.  the balance of the day was spent relaxing by the pool.  I’m fairly confident three of us snoozed off!!!!!!  And of course, what would a day be if there weren’t flowers??



  1. Sounds like you are all happy to be back at the farm – certainly a lovely spot. Certainly I see fresh OJ tomorrow for all of you. I can’t believe how many years you have been there. Time goes by too fast!


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