And Another Chapter Begins

It’s been a busy and challenging week.  Marc and I are trying to deal with the Portuguese immigration in order to get our visa extension.  We have been illegal aliens since mid February, and what an ordeal this is turning out to be!!!  It should be a simple process, and ordinarily it would be.  It has to do with proving we are “staying” here at the farm, which is directly on a border between two municipalities and we are caught in the crossfire of which municipality will approve us.  We have (hopefully) our final meeting tomorrow and will then have the visa and can simply obliterate this unpleasant episode from our memories.

The good news of the week……our friend Patricia (yes, another Patricia) arrived today.  Her flight from Toronto was three hours late but we knew that this morning and didn’t go to the airport until the delayed arrival.  She is here for a month and happy to be in the sunshine.

This morning Pat and I walked to Fuzeta to order a leg of lamb for pick-up on Friday.  Half way there I remembered I had forgotten to look up a few words in my Portuguese dictionary so……I knew the word for lamb…..not a problem…….then as I raised, slapped and lowered my leg, the butcher pointed at an existing leg of lamb and I confirmed that was in fact what we wanted.  Then I noted a calendar on the wall and with the aid of charades……….indicating “into the future”, I pointed at Friday’s date and again, smart man that he was, he smiled….and then taught me the words for Friday in Portuguese.  I am confident that when I arrive on Friday morning the leg will be there waiting for me!! I indicated that it needed to be a “big one”….we’ll see!!!!   Always an adventure and always fun.

Once we arrived home we freshened up then, headed off to the airport to retrieve Pat…..she arrived, all smiles and a bit fatigued but rearing to go.  Because of the late hour, and our hunger, we headed back home, hugs all around, she changed in record time and off we headed to Santa Luzia for a wonderful relaxing patio lunch beside the sea.

Once home we spent the balance of the afternoon outside on one patio or another, relaxing, chatting, reading,,,,,whatever the moment dictated.

What a grand and wonderful day…..topped off by this………………..


Mercredi et Patricia Matthews viens d’arriver avec quelques heures de retards mais qui compte de nos jours. Elle est accueillie par un soleil radieux et Randy et Patricia Kean. Et oui, il y a maintenant deux Patricia avec nous a la ferme.

J’ai passé mon avant midi à ma dernière création tandis que Patricia et Randy allaient a Fuzeta afin de commander le gigot d’agneau pour une soirée à venir. Puis ils sont partis cueillir Patricia à l’aéroport.

Avec le spectaculaire temps qu’il faisait Garry et moi avons pris ce temps en toute tranquillité et en silence pour la plupart.

On s’est retrouver à Santa Luzia pour le repas du midi. Cette fois nous avons essayé un nouveau restaurant ‘Sol et mer ‘. Il obtient une cote de 8 sur dix. Tout le monde était enchanté d’être dehors, sur le bord de la mer à déguster des poissons, pieuvres etc. par un temps (je ne le dirais jamais assez) radieux.

Merci la vie


  1. Hope you visa issue works out for you & Marc. Your lamb incident made be laugh as I remember our time in Spain as we tried to purchase lamb in a same village in Northern Spain. The butcher did not understand and so you starting baaing like a lamb. That still did not work and so off we went to a different butcher in the village. Lots of wonderful memories & laughs with you!


  2. Congrats on you getting your visa, it’s a sham it took so much of your time! Now you can sit back and enjoy your guests and all your glorious hikes, I look so forward to the pictures, (food and flora).


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