Visiting Old Haunts

Merci Bela et Harald

Nous sommes retournées au restaurant que nous avait fait découvrir Bela et Harald. Un bijou sur l’une de plus haute colline du sud de l’Algarve. Le restaurant Cantinho Da Serra Bemparce est situé à quelques six kilomètres de Sainte Catherine de Fonte de Bisbo dans les montages avoisinant cette municipalité. Le menu est simple mais tous les plats sont savoureux à souhait. Tous, sans exception avons trouvés chaussure à notre pied. Randy était plutôt satisfait car au menu cet dois il y avait du sanglier.

Depuis cinq ans que Randy vient au Portugal, qu’il mange du sanglier, qu’il parle du sanglier abondamment, qu’il s’informe sur la chose…Mais ce qu’il désir le plus profondément depuis toute ses années sont d’en voir en liberté. Nous doutons que cela puisse se produire car ils sont super farouches et sont passer maître du camouflage. Il semble qu’ils s’immobilisent et ressemblent à des grosses pierres. Alors, dans un champ, avec les buissons de toute sorte, d’amoncellements de pierres etc., ils passent inaperçus

Notre journée s’est limité à un bon déjeuné, un bon repas au restaurant dans la colline, et aux activités tel lecture, collage, autour de la piscine.


A wonderful day, hot hazy and lazy.  Our plan was to enjoy a lazy morning then head to Bemparece, high in the mountains (thank you again Harald), to share the spectacular view with Pat, Gary and Pat and of course, enjoy a lovely lunch.

Pat and I headed to Fuzeta first thing in the morning to pick up our pre-ordered leg of lamb.  The butcher smiled as soon as we walked in,  opened the cooler and pulled out an entire hind quarter of lamb!!!!  What a treat dinner will be Saturday evening. It’s been marinating since we arrived home as Patricia butterflied it, I biked down the road to  get several large sprigs of fresh rosemary, and she prepared the marinade.  Can’t wait.

Shortly after 11h30 we all squeezed in the car and headed off towards Santa Catarina and our mountain road.  The reactions were just what I had hoped for especially with the hills alive with….no, not the sound of music…..although I did suggest that, but wildy dancing lavender, large bushes full of plate sized cistus and gladioli peppering and colouring the slopes of the mountains.  A treat for the eyes.


Great drive, great meal, fabulous views and good friends………….the only thing that could make life any better is how we spent the balance of the day



  1. Great pictures of food, flowers and friends in Santa Catarina – what a wonderful day you enjoyed! And to end it off in the ‘cement pond’ at the farm, how much fun. You are obviously having great weather. Have to say spring is arriving in Halifax with 7C today and a forecasted 17C Tuesday. The crocuses are up and a few others picking through. Please send photos of the lamb tonight as it sounds Devine and Pat knows how to marinate & cook lamb.


  2. What lovely souvenirs these pictures brought back to me. I recognised the dish that I had when we were there with Bela and Harald. The one with the pineapple. Very delicious!!! It feels like it wa not so long ago!!! What a beautiful day we had. Thanks guys!!


    1. Diane, what we didn’t realize last time was that inside the menu they had provided for us was a complete listing off all the many other dishes they have….rabbit, boar, other pork dishes, other fish and seafood dishes etc.. We talked of our first trip there and enjoyed reminiscing. We are still missing you and Benoit and Estoi a little despite being quite happy here at the farm. Pat and Gary leave us next Saturday and other friends are arriving later tonight…….how grand it all is. Big hugs from both of us to both of you.


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