Markets and Celebrations

Our weather continues to be amazing and the last two afternoons have been spent up to my neck in the pool.  Today Patricia joined me and discovered her mermaid roots!!!!  She didn’t want to get out she enjoyed it so much!!!!

After my early morning airport trip yesterday, we decided to head into Olhao and enjoy the market, pick up a few things then find a place for lunch.   We lucked into a gypsy market in Olhao right beside the normal Saturday morning market and thoroughly enjoyed the wanderings.


We had so much fun with this particular market.  Being right beside the open sea, busiest Olhao market I’ve attended and open spaces, which made it more manageable for moving around and browsing.  By now, of course, tummies were starting to grumble and we decided we were close enough to Estoi to pay a visit to Ana and Simone so off we headed.

And while we were enjoying our lunch, who showed up and took the table right next to us?????


Céline and Carlo!!!  They had spent the morning in Loule and Sao Lourenço and when they realized they were hungry, they too thought of Ana’s.

Easter Sunday in the Algarve for us means a visit to  São Brás de Alportel and attendance at the annual  Festa das Tochas Floridas (Festival of Flower Torches).  This was the third time for Marc and myself and we wouldn’t have missed it, especially as we had folks to share it with for the first time.   It is a parade and festival to celebrate the Christian belief of the resurrection and this  unique celebration is an annual event in the Algarvian community of São Bras de Alportel.  I’ll let the photos do the talking but do check out Marc’s video link below also.

Again, a thoroughly enjoyable day.  The energy was fun, high and celebratory.  We had made arrangements to go to Ana’s for traditional lamb stew for lunch and once the parade finished, we hopped in the cars and drove to Estoi……..a place that for Marc and I especially, feels like home right now…….it seemed to be the perfect way to enjoy a great meal with wonderful friends.

We couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable Easter Sunday.  Once home Marc enjoyed a few hours of collage in the sunshine on the patio. Patricia and I soaked in the pool until we resembled prunes while Céline and Carlo made a stop in Faro but found most things closed so headed home to relax.  How much better can it get?


Samedi : Le marché de Olhão est toujours étonnant parce que, les gens, les marchands, les senteurs et tout le reste. C’est, comme je l’ai déjà dit l’un des endroits où je préfère être les samedi matin. Nous avons acheté fraises fraiches qui goutes les fraises de chez nous, des tout petits artichauts, (10 pour le prix d’un seul au Canada) des framboises portugaises, un gros piment rouge, du thé et des amandes sans compter le fantastique fromage et les tomates rouge sang…. Je suis aux oiseaux ! En plus nous y avons rencontrer Gwen qui était accompagné d’une amie Walker, et de Mark, le british et de Gerry l’autre ami. Mon dieu que cette Gwen en a plein la cours. MDR

Ces achats on contribuer à faire une soupe, et autres.

Aujourd’hui dimanche de Pasques nous sommes retourné à Sao Bras de Alportel pour la parade des flambeaux. C’est une troisième année pour moi et cet événement restera importante dans ma vie. Les couleurs, les odeurs de fleurs coupées et tous ces gens qui paradent arborant leurs flambeaux de fleurs parfois bien simples parfois très élaborées. Je me suis laisser aller à faire un petit film sur le sujet. Voici le lien YouTube. (

Dite nous ce que vous en penser, nous serions heureux de vous lire.




  1. Amazing two days for you all! The Festival of Flower Torches brought back great memories. I can’t believe how they get all those flowers down each year. Ana’s menu is incredible with lovely Portuguese food – what a treat for all of you. The lamb stew and Brazilian veal looked amazing. Enjoy your pool days as the temp increases.


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