Well Mr. Marc has officially turned 64.  It was a very memorable day and he’s still smiling today.   In addition to all the ecards, Facebook greetings, emails, etc., he felt like a truly pampered and loved man, which of course he is!!!!!

We had breakfast on the patio, got a few things organized then  Céline, Carlo and Pat headed off for a tour of the cork factory and a few other explorations while Marc and I headed for the Faro beach.


The beach was wonderful, not at all overcrowded and perfect temperature which allowed us to enjoy a two hour stroll in the sand before stopping for lunch.

We hit the patio at Wax and it was blocked.  Just as we were about to turn away, the perfect table in the corner was vacated…….propitious?????   and we grabbed it.  How wonderful to sit there in the sun, listening to the waves pounding, the kids playing in the sand and share a pizza, sip ice cold beer and simply revel in the wonderfulness of the day.

On the way home I took a route unknown to Marc where many smaller fishermen’s homes were tucked away and obviously much pride taken in maintaining gardens.

Dinner out to celebrate at Lagar Mesquita……….a sublime evening……great food, amazing service and lots of fun for all of us.

It is a day to remember……….by the time we arrived home we were all ready to fall into bed and dream the dreams that only full content bellies can conjure up!!!

Today was a planned day to head to Cabo Sao Vincente, Sagres, Lagos and points in between.  Marc had decided to take a relaxing day on the terrace working on a writing project, his collage and a few other sundry things that he wanted to get out of the way.

IMG_4275 Our first stop was near Vila de Bispo at a pottery place…..I was trying to replace a mug that Marc had “lost”.  Luck was with me and he now has two of them!!!

We left Cabo and drove slowly through Sagres to give them all a taste of this tiny town that caters to surfers and a younger crowd.  From there, on to Lagos where we parked and wandered through the old town, eventually stopping for lunch on a patio and then finally a lengthy walk along the promenade back to the car.  The town, especially for this still being off season, was packed.

By now it was late afternoon and we decided to head towards home, via the smaller N125 with a  stop in Porches to have a look at the beach and the beauty of this obviously well to do seaside town.

We arrived home home shortly after 17h00……a bit road weary but overall, delighted with our explorations of the day.  Marc had enjoyed his solitude, had finished his writing project and many other things and was happy to have us back.  Drinks on the patio, sharing of stories, pizza and salad for dinner and the day is slowly closing with the sand man beckoning.  Tomorrow marks the end of our 5th month here and the beginning of our 6th and last for this trip……………..we don’t want to think about it……so we won’t!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lovely photos of your last 2 days. Lovely to see the beach photos and cliffs. What gorgeous meals at Lagar Mesquita. Great birthday celebration for Marc!


  2. Hi Boys

    Happy birthday to you – Sunny-Marc – you look sooo young and never seem to be 64 years old. I supposed you are max. 63 years and 11 months. But today I am 69 years and love this crazy number. You cannot imagine why…

    Beijinhos Konrad & Ewald


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