Guadiana River Cruise

Although a strong wind has moved in, the temperature continues to soar and in combination, it was perfect for our activity of the day………..heading to Vila Real da Santo Antonio for a day long cruise up the Guadiana River as far as Foz de Odeleite.  We all five totally enjoyed it as our photos will prove.

We boarded at 10, a little late as we had to wait for a delinquent bus from Albufeira. Once underway it was a perfect breeze, not many folks at all, we had our pick of seats, or standing space and simply enjoyed the ongoing commentary and the vistas on both the Spanish and Portuguese riverbanks.

Once we arrived in Foz de Odeleite we disembarked then a leisurely stroll, about 2 kms, through the tiny village before arriving at the restaurant and lunch.

Lunch was wonderful…….roasted piri piri chicken, fresh cheese, bread, potatoes, salad, oranges, vino, soup…… from the kitchen and kept coming until you say you’ve had enough.  Once that was done, a couple of hours of entertainment……cheesy but so much fun.

A remarkable day……..great memories for all of us and between the sun, the wind, the food, the drive there and back……….it’s just after 21h00 and we are all heading off to bed. What does that tell you??


  1. How lucky am I to be living this blog! What an incredible experience to see such a beautiful part of the world in glorious sunshine, daily so far, as well as enjoy the most interesting and delicious food and be with such wonderfully endearing friends! Life doesn’t get much better and I am grateful each and every day. Thank you, Randy and Marc!


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