And Another Page Was Turned Today

Une autre étape vient d’être franchie dans notre séjours au Portugal. Céline et Carlo on quitter la ferme pour se rendre vers Porto, Lisbonne etc. Leur arrêt avec nous s’est terminer en ce samedi matin de très bonne heure. Nous sommes aller au Frango da Ria hier afin de leur faire gouter au meilleur poulet piri piri que nous connaissons dans la région. Ils ont bien aimé.

La suite pour nous est quelques jours encore avec Patricia à la ferme, puis nous nous dirigerons vers Lisbonne pour une nuitée et afin de célébrer son anniversaire. Nous reviendrons passer les deux dernières semaines ici à la ferme avant de nous en retourner au Canada.

Avant tout la journée de ce samedi s’est passer comme les autres, c’est à dire merveilleusement bien. Comme pour nous les samedis signifient un tour à l’un des marchés publics de la région. Cette semaine nous sommes allées à Loulé puis que Patricia n’y était jamais aller. Pour quelques euros nous nous sommes procurer tout ce dont nous avions besoin pour une bonne soupe, et plus encore. C’est toujours une heureuse visite au marché public car on y côtoie autant les locaux que des touristes. On peut y entendre des français, des allemands, des québécois (oui, oui) que d’autres langues que je saurais identifier.

C’est en fait une étape de plus pour nous puisque à partir d’aujourd’hui il nous reste exactement vingt et un jour au Portugal.

*************************************************************************************Yesterday was the final full day in the Algarve for Céline and Carlo.  They spent it exploring Tavira while Patricia, Marc and myself headed to Estoi for Simon’s wonderful Bacalhau a Bras….eat your heart out GK!!!!

IMG_4413Mid afternoon, once all of us arrived at home,  Céline asked me if I could take them over to the salt flats, which I was delighted to do.  She, Carlo and myself headed off and enjoyed the scent of fresh sea air, sea birds of all persuasions and were surprised to find that the normally enormous salt hill had been diminished by about 3/4!!!  I’ve never seen it this low in my five winters here.  In any case, I am delighted they got to see (and taste) it.

The five of us headed out for dinner at Frango do Ria and Marc and I thought of other wonderful meals we’ve had there this trip…….with Bonnie, Warren and Andrea, Pat and Gary, Françoise, Benoit and Diane and now Céline, Carlo and Patricia.  I’m thinking we should be demanding a discount!!!

This morning Céline and Carlo headed off for the north of Portugal for a week of exploration and adventures before returning to Canada.  We will miss them this evening as our habit is to dine together and talk about our day.  We’re wishing them safe travels until we meet in Ottawa in late May.

Patricia, Marc and myself decided to head to Loule and the market as Patricia had never been.  We noticed a significant increase in the numbers of tourist, which was reflected in the fact the market stayed open much longer than usual and was still rocking and rolling when we finally headed off.

It was a great morning, I think it safe to say we all enjoyed the wanderings, shopping and people watching.  Rather than eat in Loule market area, we decided to head out of town and stop at a small pastry shop I’ve been frequenting this past five years.  It has a restaurant area but we’d never eaten there.  Turned out to be a gift and quite propitious as today’s special was one of Marc’s and my favourites….arroz de pato…duck rice.  I’m pretty sure from the happy sounds coming from Patricia, she too is now a lover.  A very generous portion each, moist, filled with duck and a crispy golden top.  Nary a grain left on any plate!!!!!!!

IMG_4429 Marc chose a slice of walnut cake for his “treat” and he devoured it.


Once home we discovered that a tree on the property, that I have been waiting to bloom, has bloomed.   (Patricia Anne….have a look and see if you can help me out with finding out the name)

And yes, (PA|) you were right, it is honeysuckle near the pool…… it is bursting in blooms but sadly, like so many of the flowers here, scentless.

IMG_4377It turned out to be a hot day and our winds have totally dissipated, for which we are delighted.  We spent the afternoon on the terrace near the pool and even that proved to be a bit too much after a while and so we moved to our large cool dining room, patio doors opened to the outside, one of the cats curled up in the sunshine, happy to be near the sound of human voices and music.  I think he loves jazz!!!!!!


  1. The duck rice looks delicious. Pat is getting a nice golden glow I see. The honeysuckle looked like Frangipani except it was missing the yellow centers.


  2. Your posts at markets are my favourites! I love markets and I can’t wait to see some in France this coming summer! Hope I can convince Jean-Claude to start off later on Market days so I can wander around!


      1. We will be travelling on our bikes Randy, moving everyday. I will have to get up early to get the chance to wander a bit when there is a market and be ready to leave around 9:30 am. I get him to drink more wine the night before and let him sleep later!

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