Sunday in the Country with………

Today was gypsy market day in the village of…..


With our grocery list in tow, off we headed to enjoy another glorious Algarvian day.  It’s not at all difficult to get caught up in the festivities of any market but especially easy on days like today when the sun is shining and all is good in the world.   We did notice that although it was well attended, people were browsing more than purchasing, which seemed to encourage the vendors to be a little more rambunctious in their actions and voices to encourage those of us that were looking, to buy.

It turned out to be a much warmer day than the forecast lead us to believe and we were finding it a bit close so……..after a quick stop at the grocery for a few things we need this week, we headed home, prepared lunch and sat in the shade of the terrace enjoying the birds, the sunshine, good company and wonderful food.   Since then it’s been a free for all.

Marc has been collaging……..


Patricia is on dinner duty tonight and consequently spent a bit of time in the kitchen with some prep which allowed me to wander around the property and check out a few things……


And one of my favourite shots of today…………….


I love that somebody took the time to paint this and create this wonderful end result.  I’d like to have a chat with that person.

Life is grand!

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