Even Overcast Days Can Be Peasant!

We woke this morning to heavily clouded skies and a windless day.  It almost felt oppressive.  My sinuses are in full “allergy mode”, which means red itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffed head etc..  All in all, a pretty miserable morning, at least for me.

We lazed around till about 11 then decided to head into Faro, do a little shopping then head to the Faro beach, given Patricia had never been, and find a place for lunch. All in all, not a bad day afterall AND, being close to the beach, my sinuses cleared up!

We headed to the patio at Wax and lo and behold, a table vacated as we walked up.  This is the second time this has happened for us……lucky buggers.

It was a delightful way to relax and spend an afternoon.  It was high tide, the waves were lapping close to the patio and the beach was well attended despite it being overcast. After lunch we wandered from one end of the Faro Beach road to the other, probably about two or three kms.  Many wonderful flowers in bloom.

Not a bad way to wile away the day……..we did stop in Faro for a bit, running a few errands.  Tomorrow is a stat holiday, Liberation Day, here in Portugal.  A very important holiday and many things will be closed.  On the way home we spotted this old carriage, I thought it deserved a photo.



  1. Hey Rand..not Gary here. What a lovely couple of days you’ve had. Tomorrow Gary and I head back to NS. Cooler temps, but England has prepared us. It won’t be bad as the forecast is for wonderful spring days. Missing you, Marc and Pat. Hugs, P


    1. Hey there Patricia………gosh your time in England has gone quickly!!! It feels as if you just left here and now you’re heading home. Once you get home and settled maybe we can FactTime. Safe travels………….miss you both.


  2. A bit of oppressive morning obviously turned out to be a great day. What an oohey, gooey hamburger Marc & Pat had. It did look good! Your pizza looked really good as well. Nothing nicer than hearing the surf roll in as you stroll or eat! Hard to take take the Maritimer out of us. Spring was here today in Halifax at 16C. Right Sat is 19c, so all good as some flowers popping up. The deer and bunnies are loving the tulip buds..ha!


    1. Hey Joannie….glad to hear spring has arrived in time to greet Pat and Gary. Cannot believe they are heading home today…….hope you get to see them soon. Enjoy your spring like weather while it lasts.


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