Hump Day in the Algarve!!

Wednesday is sometimes informally referred to as “hump day” in North America, a reference to the fact that Wednesday is the middle day—or “hump“—of a typical work week.   And today, hump day was spent in Tavira.

An overcast day, still warm temperatures and a lovely slight breeze.  Conditions that made it perfect for wandering through the tiny streets of Tavira, one of our very favourite towns in the Eastern Algarve.

As with most mornings, a bit of time is spent wandering around the property to see what new plants, blossoms, colours etc. have cropped up overnight…… was no exception filled with surprises.

Tavira was not at all busy today, which was a plus for us.  We parked up near the train station and stopped to pick up our tickets for our trip to Lisbon at the end of next week. We then  wandered for a few hours before stopping for lunch and then again afterwards.

We decided to head to Cafe Simao, consistently good and always a wonderful choice of prato do dia.   No exception today.

Very happy with our choices………..perfect sized portions.  We stuck to water rather than vino…..followed by bicas and yet more afternoon wanderings.

And now hump day is just about behind us.  Great jazz playing, dinner dishes done (thank you Patricia) and we are all busy with one thing or another.  Tomorrow could turn out to be our first rainy day in a very long time and so we have a plan A and B, just in case.



  1. Loved the cataplana there as well…hope you did too Pat. I’ll try to investigate that shrub Rand. Hugs to you all.P


    1. Merci Michelle. I had seen them last year but didn’t realize they were actually white bird of paradise until I did a little research. You might have noticed the beautiful red cluster flowers I’ve been posting? I found out last night they are actually called Capparis Spinoza or Flinders Rose…..or as us cooks know them……..capers!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful surprise.


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