Sunday in Cacela Velha

I love Sunday’s in the eastern Algarve as for me it speaks of family time and because I enjoy the people here so much, I thoroughly enjoy seeing them out in their Sunday best enjoying the time socially with their families, especially the little children.

Today we had decided to head to Cacela Velha and a favourite restaurant Restaurante Casa Velha…how unique is that????   LOL  What a feast we ended up enjoying.  We stood in line, people watching, for almost 45 minutes, which actually flew by.

We had a great day………..we truly keep pinching ourselves with delight at our great fortune.  Once home we all fell into our own projects for a few hours then suddenly I had the urge to walk on the beach so Patricia and myself headed off for Fuzeta while Marc finished off a piece of work he was almost done.

And that’s how our day evolved.  Yours???


  1. Ahhhh what a lovely day you three had. I’d love to stroll the beaches while it was so peaceful… listen to the waves rolling in and the sounds of nature all around me.

    I loved Marc’s ‘omg this dessert is amazing’ face. LOL It looked wonderful too, I can only imagine how it tasted.

    You all look wonderful. Pat is tanned more than I’ve ever seen her yet. It looks great on her.

    I think the pinkish white bougainvillea is beautiful.



    1. Yes, you would probably go gaga with some of the desserts here……..this one has been Marc’s favourite for three years and when we arrived at the restaurant, it wasn’t in the display shelf!! It showed up before we finished the meal…….he was a pretty happy man!!!!


  2. Reading your blog reminded me that it was not that long ago that we also had a great day at Cacela Velha with you guys. Wonderful memories! Missing you a lot.


  3. We mentioned you while we were there!! It was a wonderful day as our weather has turned quite warm again……….almost too warm to stay outside for lengthy periods without seeking shade. We have our fingers crossed that something wonderful will come along and you and Benoit will be here again next year. Never say never. Hugs from Portugal.


  4. Oh you never stop amazing me with your pics!! I really love reading your blogs, it makes me want summer to hurry and get here!!! I may not get to have all those gorgeous dinners, but I do love the flora of summer, keep them coming!! At’e a proxima vex adeus. I used a Portuguese translator!!


  5. Taken me ages to visit Cacela Velha despite the east Algarve being our winter home, but finally managed it last month and it is fabulous. We had dinner arrangements that day so couldn’t stop to have lunch there, but having looked at the menu thought we should return. Now reading your post we definitely have to, not sure going to squeeze it in though before we return to England for the summer.


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