How Hot is Too Hot?????

Depuis le temps que nous voulions faire ce que nous appelons des journée plage, ben voilà que nous avons eu l’occasion cette semaine.

La plage de Fuzeta, puis celle de Faro et demain celle de Baril.

Fuzeta était un peu froide, un petit vent du nord comme dirait mon amis Michel…Mais ce fut agréable. J’ai passé mon temps à regarder les propriétaires de chiens qui, sans laisses s’en donnaient à cœur joie, n’écoutant absolument pas leurs maitres. C’est drôle mais pas tout le temps surtout quand il s’agit d’un gros berger allemand qui court partout et qui viens vous sentir les pieds. Disons que sa surprend. Autrement, on s’en plein pas trop.

Faro aujourd’hui a été à marée haute et un vent assez fort pour parfois avec ses bourrasques nous lancer du sable qui collait à l’épiderme. Nous avions apporté un sandwich. Cette plage est tellement agréable car on peut y marcher pour des kilomètres en ligne droite sur un sable fin. Il parait que de marché sur le sable aide plein de choses comme la colonne vertébrale et l’exfoliation de pieds.

On ne compte pas les jours qui reste à notre séjour ici mais on y pence souvent. Nous aimons le Canada mais aussi le Portugal.

En attendant je prends des photos de toute les fleurs que je vois afin d’en faire un album des fleurs du Portugal vues entre les mois de novembre et de mai.

*************************************************************************************  I love the heat.  I don’t care at all for humidity, but I love heat.  This past three days it’s been almost too hot for me!!!!!!

We have been spending our mornings relaxing on the patio, enjoying the early morning breezes, the sound of the birds, and especially the hoopoes engaged in mating calls. Breakfast has been slow and easy and I think it safe to say, none of us really moves to get going before 10 or so!!

We took a drive one day and explored a beach near Albufeira.  The next day we took a drive and explored a beach near Fuzeta and today…….well to shake things up….we took a drive and explore a beach near Faro……but today we took a picnic!!!!

I think I am gaining an appreciation of what it must be like for the local people during the summer months.  How the tourists can stand to be here in the summer is truly beyond me at this point.  As much as I can be a lizard, or better still, a lovely sweet tempered cat, curled up in a ray of sun or two……..this taxes me.

Our drive to Albufeira was very pleasant.  We took a couple of tiny back roads to make it  more interesting and our destination was the Praia de Falesia……gorgeous and worth the drive.

Of course all that sun and sand demanded a little thirst quenching stop…….


A rich and ice cold kir royale for Pat and myself and a cold beer for Marc.  Very pleasant. And for dinner that night, I roasted a pan of piri piri chicken, Marc made a crisp avocado, lettuce and tomato salad and we dined like royalty!


Fuzeta, being close to home, made a much easier day at the beach with the decision to sit and enjoy lunch on one of the countless patios available.   That turned out to be a “not happening event”……….99% of the restaurants were closed for some reason so……..following our relaxing time on the beach we scooted into Moncarapacho and had a most delightful experience.  Propitious one might even say!!!!!

By the time we arrived home it was simply too hot to do anything other than…

Today was Faro Beach……..the UV index was 8 and we had slathered ourselves in sunscreen…….this turned out to be good and bad.  Good in that we were protecting ourselves.  Bad in that there was a substantial wind at the beach and the sand was blowing so much we started to look like stuccoed ceilings!!!!!!!!!!!

We took a couple of detours on the way home, stopping to check out a place that has caught our eye several times…………

Marc spotted a lovely hibiscus


Pat and I dropped Marc at home then we went back to the Monterossa Olive oil farm near Moncarapacho……here is what happiness in spending money looks like…..


On the way out we discovered an area covered in lavender.


How I’d love to be able to capture that scent and share it with you.   All in all a very good day.   It’s now 19h30 and we are getting ready to enjoy dinner.  The vino is poured…… is grand.   And to close it all out…….a photo from yesterday of the smiling Patricia.



  1. Looks like you all had a lovely few days. I love the pictures of Marc at the beach…lol…. him jumping and the one of him peeking at you.
    That blooming cactus is huge! Love the colour of the blooms on it.

    The beach and cliffs at Praia de Falesia are gorgeous! Was anyone getting in the water? You should all go swimming! LOL

    The building you took photo’s of is lovely, I love the first close-up shot of the details…. gorgeous and such a delicate soft colour.

    That fried rabbit looked delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh I can only imagine the heavenly smell of all that lavender! What a sight.

    Patricia looks great spending her money! LOL



  2. What wonderful beach photos. Love the ocean but so sad about the drownings. Frango shots look great – I can’t eat rabbit as I had a pet rabbit! Pat Looks wonderful especially when spending the $$. Enjoy the pool as it seems to be getting hot and is safer. Weather in Halifax getting warmer and life is starting to burst out in leaves,and blooms.


    1. Hey Joannie………no worries with me and the water……I don’t do oceans!!!! The only thing I’ll drown in our soaking pool is my belly button!!!! Happy to hear spring is arrived in NS.


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