Patricia’s Last Full Day in the Algarve

Our objective today was to do something new, something Patricia hadn’t yet experienced here in Portugal and at the same time, take her to Santa Luzia for an octopus lunch, her request for her last meal out in the Algarve.   The solution was easy…….let’s go to Barril Beach as although we have been before, Pat had never been.  A perfect solution.

Before we headed out, we made our usual walk about to see what might be new, or more advanced than yesterday, around the property.

There is no lacking for colour in our world.  You don’t have to look far, simply turn your head and there it is.

We discovered that a new walking bridge is being constructed to get you over to Barril Beach.  It should be finished soon from the looks of the progress.

For now however it was the same tiny swinging bridge, which I happen to like.  We agreed to skip the tiny train that can take you to and from the beach, and enjoy the walk to take in some of the flora and stretch our legs.

The beach was virtually empty, and given the sea, I’m not at all surprised.

Totally enjoyed our wanderings, the sound, scent and the sea.  We explored, looking at shells and rocks.  Taking in the pounding surf and finally we sat and enjoyed a bica simply breathing it all in.  A wonderful way to make new memories of the Algarve for Pat to tuck in her pocket and take home with her.

We enjoyed a leisurely meal, finished off with a strong bica, then home to help organize Patricia’s suitcases, relax by the pool, putter around in various projects and here we are at the end of another glorious day.

Tomorrow we take the train to Lisbon,.  Saturday we celebrate Patricia’s birthday….I am not permitted to insert numbers in that phrase, then Sunday morning Pat will head for home in London, Ontario, Canada while Marc and I return to the Algarve for our last two weeks.

Chapters are flying by and we are getting close to the ending of this incredible story!


  1. Lucky Lucky Pat, Lucky Lucky Randy and Lucky Lucky Marc
    Such beauty in this world of our’s and you three get to see it all.


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