Another Chapter Closes and the End of the Story Approaches!

Encore une étape de franchie

Patricia nos à quitter ce matin. Elle est retournée à son London. D’ailleurs elle doit y être arrivée au moment où j’écris ces mots. Nous avons bien plaisanté avec elle et les derniers jours passer à Lisbonne en sa compagnie ne furent pas mal bien. Merci Patricia pour les fous rires, pour avoir un si bon sens d’humour. Merci pour ta plaisant compagnie.

À Lisbonne, Randy avait choisi un quartier de la ville que nous connaissions moins. Un quartier qui buzzz la nuit, ou les jeunes s’en donnent à cœur joie en semaine comme les weekends. Disons que son rappel des jours de fin juin dans le quartier de ka cote de sable à Ottawa. Par contre pour être bien situé, nous étions extrêmement bien localisées. Lisbonne la ville des mille et un restos, Lisbonne la charmante celle qui propose des centaines de boutiques, de galeries et de coins perdus et retrouvés. Nous nous y plaisons à chaque fois.

Pour l’anniversaire de Patricia nous lui avons offert un jolie restaurant, le Bairro do Avillez. Le chef José Avillez nous offre une cuisine surprenante, tout est repenser et le résultat est chatouillant, agréable au palet. Pour moi voilà un expérience gastronomique digne de ce terme.

Puis Randy et moi sommes revenus, avec plaisir au calme de la ferme ou nous vivons depuis un mois non sans passer par Estoi afin d’aller faire un petit coucou a Simon et Ana.

La journée était splendide et nous l’avons terminé en lisant tranquillement sur le bord de la barboteuse ici.


Marc and I have just returned from our short trip to Lisbon.  It feels whirlwind!!  We had a marvelous time, including feting Patricia, who celebrated her birthday yesterday… the style of most princesses!  And this morning, early, I tucked her into her taxi for the airport and her return voyage home.  We miss her very much.

That said, what a wonderful few “last days” we enjoyed together…….Friday was a lovely lazy morning around the farm.  Our train wasn’t until 13h00 which meant an easy pace, no real deadline and the weather co-operated fully.  We relaxed on the patio, breakfast and a gab then a short stroll around the property for a few last minute shots……..the one from above is Patricia enjoying  a few rays.

I drove Marc and Pat over to the Livramento train station, dropped all luggage then brought the car home and walked back.  Made for an easy departure.

The train ride to Lisbon was comfortable and uneventful, until we arrived.  Note to self……NEVER arrive in Lisbon at rush hour on a Friday.   Our cab drive, which should have been about 20 minutes took us well over an hour.  We didn’t mind it as Annabel Maria, our cab driver, was vivacious, great sense of humor, full of questions and information and we thoroughly enjoyed that aspect.  She got us to our location with the comments……why are you staying in this neighbourhood?  It’s a place for night life only!!!!!  Boy was she right……second note to self…..Barrio Alto is a great neighbourhood for night life and wandering by day……avoid at all cost after 21h00….unless you want to party hearty!!!  Let’s just say that despite our lovely apartment, not a lot of sleep happened!

We threw our things in, chatted with our landlord, who owns the restaurant next door and offered us a 25% discount for dinner……….that was a no brainer……..we wandered for a little bit then headed to Found for dinner.

A wonderful evening, lots of giggles and stories and the food turned out to be quite enjoyable as well, AND, right under our apartment… drinking and driving for us responsible adults!!

Next morning we enjoyed coffee at “home” then got ourselves ready to hit the streets….this of course was AFTER we sang to Princess Patty and she had an opportunity to respond to some of the countless birthday greetings she had received via FaceBook, emails, actual cards etc..  I don’t think she stopped smiling all day.

I had done a little research on our neighbourhood and we were on the lookout for the Santa Catharina Church and the Carmo Convent……..we found and explored both.  I won’t caption the photos as they are pretty self explanatory.

By now we had worked up an appetite and had previously decided that we would enjoy a long, leisurely, late lunch to fete Patricia as opposed to an evening meal given the early departure the next day.  It turned out to be a wonderful decision as did our choice of restaurants.


This is what is written about the restaurant, and having eaten there, I couldn’t agree more.  “The world of chef José Avillez doesn’t fit in a single address, it is an entire universe devoted to creativity and to the best Portuguese flavours. In this new Lisbon district, overlooking the world, there is an irresistible MERCEARIA (grocery store), where you can buy delicacies, gifts, books, and chef worthy accessories; a wonderful TABERNA (tavern) for those who like amazing food; and the most spectacular PÁTEO (patio) in town, where seafood and fish are kings and live happily alongside the fun cotton candy.”

Truly a memorable meal.  I had ordered us a lovely bottle of vino which paired perfectly with our meals and as we sat and sipped bicas at the end we all extolled how wonderful the entire experience had been.  Obviously a walk was in store, albeit a slow one as we were sated!

And so Patricia’s last day in Portugal was drawing to a close.  By the time we arrived back at the apartment it was early evening, we had been out and about all day and covered a great deal of territory both literally and figuratively.  Of course there was a little sadness seeping in as we all knew what morning would bring so……..we chatted, enjoyed some vino, organized bags, showered…….not together!!!!!  LOL Then off to bed.

Patricia’s cab arrived at 5h30……..Marc and I grabbed the train back to the Algarve at 10h00.  Once home we decided to head to Estoi and see Ana and Simon to cheer ourselves up….and so we did……go AND get cheered up.  (Thanks for the hugs Ana).

WE are now officially down to our last two weeks here in this wonderful country we now consider our second home.  Tonight we chatted about the things we would like to do during that two week period and we have a “sort of” agenda……enough to keep ourselves busy but not too busy.

And so goes it in the Algarve.


  1. As always, I love to read your blog journeys and see you guys having such a great time. Pat had a great birthday and send off. The meals looked so good! Enjoy your last 2 weeks.


  2. Well maybe by the time you come back to Ottawa the snow will have stopped! Photos of Lisbon are wonderful and that meal looks scrumptious! I love the photos of the Carmo Convent.


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