Hanging out at Home

This last two days has been about relaxing and catching our breath…… as if we haven’t been doing that for the last six months!!!!!

Saying goodbye to everybody, recognizing that our time here is running down, the train ride back and forth to Lisbon……we thought it would be a good thing to simply hang out at home, go for lunches nearby, maybe take in a beach and simply move at a snail’s pace.

And those are exactly the things we’ve been doing!

Weather has been incredibly hot, which is a bit energy draining on it’s own.  We’ve been jumping in and out of the pool to cool down and recharge our batteries.  Works like a charm.

We like to take walks around the property and check out the new flora and WOW, things have grown so much in the past week………


Yesterday evening we headed into Fuzeta after dinner and enjoyed a lovely walk along the beach and boardwalk.  We don’t do enough of that sort of thing so it was quite pleasant to do so.  We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.

Today we decided to go to Faro beach, take in a little sun and enjoy a lovely lunch at Wax (we think of Bela and Harald everytime we go there).  Although it was a hot and sunny day, the wind at the beach had a real nip in it so…….we enjoyed it for an hour or so but then went for lunch and headed home to relax by the pool and on the patio.  Good decision.

A walk around the property yielded quite a few shots……

And finally……..us…….taken just a few minutes ago………..

We have a tiny list of a few things we want to do and/or accomplish prior to heading home to Canada and they are all things will give us immense pleasure.  We are grateful and aware every day of what a wonderful life we get to live and we know we will be returning so going HOME isn’t a bad thing……we’ll get to see people we love and have missed……we’ll have stories to tell……things that don’t go in the blog………and we have each other.  Life is grand!


  1. Loved the blog and happy to see the flowers again…never tire of them!
    Give my best to Ana and let her know she has a doll named after her in Canada! Love, P


  2. What are you guys doing for an encore when you get home. We are all going to miss dropping in on your daily lives. Love the plant photos…they are amazing.


    1. Not to worry…..I’m down to my last 13% of WordPress usage. It should run out b the end of this trip, or just about.

      We had heavy rains overnight and everything smells amazing this morning. Splashes of colour everywhere this morning.


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