A Literal Walk Down Memory Lane!

Un retour à Estoï

On est sur nos derniers miles ici comme on dit. Ne devraient ont pas dire qu’on est sur nos derniers kilomètres? Peu importe, voilà qu’aujourd’hui nous sommes retrouvés à Estoï, la municipalité qui nous a accueillis durant les premiers mois de notre séjour au Portugal. Nous affectionnons particulièrement cette petite ville, (gros village ?) pour plusieurs raisons dont le fait que le restaurant de Ana et de Simon est sur la place de l’église ce qui le rend charmant sans compter que les propriétaires sont véritablement de gens aimables. Nous avons passé de très bons moment assis à leur commerce à manger des plats à saveur portugaises délectables.

Aujourd’hui, nous avons fait le tour de Estoi par les routes que nous avons emprunter mille et une fois pour nous remémorer les souvenirs des premiers jours, les végétations changeantes, et quoi encore?

Beaucoup de choses ont changé et rien n’a changer à la fois. La différence c’est les fleurs qui sont apparus et d’autres qui sont disparus. Le Portugal est en fleur !


Today we decided to drive to Estoi, park the car at the Pousada then take the walk that I took pretty well daily for four months……….down from the Pousada, across a small access road near the highway then back up the main road through Estoi, arriving at Ana’s for lunch.  It was delightful and what pleasure we found in seeing the changes to the foliage, all the new flora and to experience such a sense of “being home”.  I think the emotional journey caught us both a bit by surprise.

We’ve become very comfortable with the mountain roads, the turning and winding and love taking new roads and routes to see where they all come out.  Our sense of direction has greatly improved (once we put the GPS away and followed our instincts) and we are now quite capable of finding our way almost anywhere.  That’s basically the route we took to Estoi today………..instinctive as were looking for something else at the same time which meant we took an unfamiliar route.

Once in Estoi we parked near the Pousada.  I was tempted to walk up to the quinta and have a look around but not wanting to feel like trespassers, we moved on.

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk.  Took one of our favourite short cuts and was delighted to find several new pieces of “wall art”.  I love it here that it’s rarely (if at all) vulgar, political or scrawlings.  It’s quite creative and truly artistic.

Many new blossoms to keep us interested and camera happy.

We had a lovely visit with Simon and Ana……..a great lunch……Porco Alentejana..succulent seasoned pork cubes, sweet juicy clams and tiny golden roasted potatoes with a side salad.  So hungry were we, we forgot to take any photos…..gobbled it down!!!  After lunch we took a further walk into the upper town then back to the car.

A great day.  We took a slow easy drive west of Estoi, simply to take in some of the Algarve and enjoy pointing out places we liked, colours of homes we loved….day dreaming about our return here and collecting a few more memories to take home with us.


  1. I also could feel your sense of “being home” when I read your comments and saw your pictures of Estoi. There is something special about the place that made me fall in love with it the very first time I was there. Maybe, it also has to do with its wonderful people whom I miss very much!!


    1. Well for what it’s worth……..we were walking up the steps to the upper town when I suddenly turned to Marc and started to say, “what were Diane and Benoit doing this afternoon”? Of course it made us both laugh when we realized how easily habits had been formed. It seemed as if you were both still there along with Bela and Harald. We have such wonderful memories of Estoi, and always will.


  2. What wonderful pictures of the flowers – I have never seen such gorgeous color. Glad to see you enjoyed your journey down memory lane.


    1. Hey Joannie….thanks…..I love that you comment all the time!!! Yes, a grand day yesterday and again today……..starting to cross things off our final list!!! Keep hoping spring arrives in Ottawa before we do!!!


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