Saturday is Market Day!

Our final visit to the Olhao market today, well final for this particular visit!!  We are trying to be very aware that we are limited to “meals” here, and with that in mind we paid a great deal of attention to exactly what our purchases were.  Given we are both such ferocious food lovers, and we both love cooking, we were constantly reminding each other throughout our wanderings to “simmer down”!!!!!

Our very first stop after arriving at the market………

The day was simply perfect with big fluffy clouds moving quickly across the blue skies and a tiny wind with just the right amount of coolness.  All these factors led to a busy market day…..very well attended.  It’s also wonderful as the season advances, to see the different local products showing up.

We are trying really hard not to get into……”this is the last time that/………..” but I would have to say, IF this is the last market we attend at Olhao this trip, it was wonderful.  We sat and relaxed, enjoyed a bica and people watching.  We laughed and shopped for the things we wanted to find and all in all, it was a terrific experience.

Once home we made lunch and sat on the patio to relax but…….don’t hate me for this….it was simply too hot to enjoy so………Fuzeta is not far away!!!!  They have a lovely beach……let’s grab the towels and go.  And so we did, for a few hours it was heaven as there was a breeze by the water.  We stayed for about two hours or so then decided to head to Mo de Cima…a new taps bar/auberge, that has been constructed on the salt flats near the grocery store.  We’ve been wanting to go there for more than a quick look, which we’ve done, and today seemed a perfect opportunity.

Such a wonderful spontaneous day…………perfection in so many unexpected ways.

We headed home and on the way noted the cactus flowers and the never ending rose blossoms on our driveway wall…..

We’ve both just showered, poured a glass of vino and I am just taking a tray of piri piri chicken out of the oven for dinner………..wanna join us????




  1. Oh yummmmmm, I’d love to join you!!!! Not just for the chicken of course but oh my that looked great!

    Sounds like a lovely relaxing kind of day. The market looked fun.

    I love the cactus flowers.
    You didn’t take many freesia pictures this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll have to bring me home some seeds to see ifI can grow them here. 🙂



  2. Randy, you do make the best piri-piri chicken! It’s a shame I wasn’t there because I love leftovers!
    I felt a little nostalgic seeing the Olhao Market but glad you paid tribute to Gwen!
    I am certainly enjoying my fresh figs in my yogurt! Big hugs, P


  3. Yet again another great blog, you really have a gift of making us part of your and marks adventures!! I no your time is coming to a close in Portugal, but Canada awaits your home coming. The weather has improved a great deal since last time I commented, that goodness!! I may try making some piri piri chicken on the BQ, looked really good.


  4. Lots of great photos of the market today. Have to say the peri peri chicken looked divine! Glad to see you honored Gwen in her chair at the market -it was always nice to see her meet up with you there. Have to say spring is exploding nicely here in Canada, so your return should be not so bad!


  5. The thing we miss most is Olhão’s Saturday market – cannot beat the freshness of the produce. Delighted to see you visited our favourite veg stall holder insider too!


  6. The chicken looks wonderful! I have loved following your adventures in photo and text on your blog. Enjoy your last week and hope to see you in Ottawa!


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