Captain’s Log……Final Frontier!!!!

Ce n’est qu’un au revoir!

Comment qualifier ce séjour de six mois au Portugal. Par un mot? Non, surement pas. Il a été rempli d’émotions de toute sorte comme dans la vraie vie. Des joies à la tonne, des peines et des soulagements. Des découvertes et des compréhensions de la vie ont également fait partie de l’équation. Six mois c’est long! Six mois c’est court.

Parmi les meilleurs choses que j’ai vécus fut l’intégration à la vie de tous les jours parmi les habitants d’un gros village qu’est Estoï. Celui-là restera dans mon esprit comme un des endroits chéris, où la vie est paisible, abordable et inspirante.


Ce mot « inspirant » revêt une signification toute particulière pour l’artiste que je suis. Ici, on trouve en tout temps des fleurs par centaines. Quelle soient gigantesques ou toute petites, elles sont partout. Il n’y a pas de période morte pour que les couleurs jaillissent et se mêlent harmonieusement aux autres.

On l’a déjà dit des dizaines de fois que le Portugal est agréable, à cause de son peuple accueillant par exemple. Autant que les canadiens ont une réputation hors pair pur êtres accueillants et bien les Portugais le sont également.


Les derniers jours passer dans ce pays ont été relaxants, chauds et reposants. Nous avons profité de randonnés à nos plages préférées, à regarder les petits crabes courir comme des fous la vus de notre approche, à sentir les fleurs et à constater l’évolution des pommes grenadiers et des figuiers. Nous les avons aussi consacrées à dire nos au revoir a Ana, Simon, Suzy et Gus, Konrad et Ewald. A la prochaine fois dans six mois sans doute.

Nous aimons profondément ce pays. Nous l’avons adopté. Nous reviendrons, c’est certain.


Our last few days here have been almost idyllic.  The routine that evolved was of us heading to the Fuzeta beach right after breakfast, finding a quiet spot to spread our blankets and relaxing for a few hours enjoying the inevitable breeze that wafted in from the sea.   Such a welcomed change from the intense motionless heat that seemed to settle over anything that was more than 100 meters from the sea.

By noon (thankfully the church bells tolled the hours) we packed it all up, headed home and enjoyed lunch on the patio near the pool then we would head off for an adventure or two early afternoon then back, in the pool up to our necks and a lengthy cool down. Not a bad life at all!!!

We had made a list of a few things we had wanted to do before heading back to Canada and thankfully, all but our lunch in Spain was accomplished.

The tiny town of Pinheiro is not that far from the house, and right beside the sea and so, in keeping with the theme of staying cool but not becoming slugs……we drove over, parked the car and enjoyed a lovely afternoon of wandering and relaxing.

We had decided long ago that our final lunch in the Algarve had to be in Estoi with Ana and  Simão.  Given it was Friday, and Simão ALWAYS serves fish on Friday you can appreciate my absolute surprise and joy when we saw that the prato do dia on Friday turned out to be one of my very favourite of his dishes….Arroz de Pato……Duck Rice!!!!


Having this wonderful connection with Ana and Simão in Estoi added such incredible richness to our time in the Algarve this year.  It always felt like being at home to go there and simply helped solidify in our minds that the Portuguese people are it’s greatest asset. We will carry such wonderful memories of our many meals, visits, conversations and socializing with these people for many many years to come……and of course we will see them again on our return.

We also enjoyed a lovely conversation with Susie and Gus who showed up to say goodbye to us……..they might not be Portuguese but they sure enbody the spirit.


A teary farewell and a wonderful time slowly wandering around Estoi rounded out a perfect afternoon.  One last visit to the Pousada for a few final “snaps”

And once home…………


We had a heartfelt and emotional visit from Henrique this morning.  Saying goodbye is never easy but for some reason, this year it seemed more difficult,, perhaps because I’ve known him now for five years and as he said to me recently, “you feel like family to me”.

And so ends our journey of this last six months in this magnificent country we are privileged to call home, at least part of the year.   Right now, we are on the train en route to Lisbon and tomorrow, early morning, our flight home to Canada.  Thanks to all of you who followed along, sent emails or comments of encouragement and support……it was delightful for us to know that you were following along.   So until next November……





  1. Thanks for a wonderful last blog for this Portuguese visit. Your last few days sounded so nice and restful by the sea. So great you had the duck rice and needless to say, the Panna cotta at Ana’s is the absolute best dessert you could ever eat. Safe journey home!


  2. RK, I followed your adventures and enjoyed your blogs and accompanying photos. Thanks to you and Marc for bringing sunshine and warmth into a long Canadian winter.


  3. I loved following your blog and dreaming of being there in Portugal. Some day maybe! Loved the photos of flowers and the food! And the people. And the markets! Have a safe trip home!


  4. And so, the next chapter begins as She writes…don’t know why I am weepy but it’s been so wonderful waking up to your blog every day and actually being in it in April. A perfect way to capture memories! Thank you for sharing your joys, experiences, and humour …I have loved every minute of it…here and there! xoxo


  5. Thanks for sharing your adventures in Portugal with your friends. Many happy memories and I felt as though I was there through all the great pics. Safe travels back to Canada.


  6. I have enjoyed your blog immensely, even from Brazil, which by the way, looks so much like your pix of Portugal. Thanks Randy and Marc!


  7. Your wonderful tales of your adventures became my daily reading ritual! Loved to read about all that you all experienced. Safe travels and Welcome home!!!


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